Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Graze Box - #2 November 2013

Hey Y'all!  I was to apologize for being behind.  I have become sick with the weather change, but I am still here to tell you about the goodies I got.  So lets get to it.  Graze Box is awesome!  I love this sub box and for 6 bucks for snacks, well thats makes it a must have for me.  As you know I love food and trying new flavors, so this is good sub box for me.  As you know, it is also in my frugal realm, being 6 bucks for the box.  =}

 Here is the box, the box and all the contents are recyclable, thats is greet especially because I live in Austin and we do a lot of recycling here.  I also thing the box being green makes me as happy as the snacks inside. =}
You can see I couldn't wait to dig in before taking a picture  
The Herb Garden - oregano rice crackers, crispy peanuts and baked herb bites.  The crispy peanuts are peanuts covered with a crispy coating with is a hint of sweetness with a slight onion flavor.  The rice crackers have an oregano flavor, but it's not sharp or too strong.  My fiance likes oregano a lot, so he really liked this one.  The baked herb bites where my favorite, there was a hint of soy sauce and sweetness, you know when you cook with soy sauce and it caramelizes?  Yeah thats the flavor.  =}

Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection salt and vinegar almonds and peanuts.  I like salt and vinegar together, like the salt and vinegar chips. (So good)  I knew I would like this one and I did.  I was very pleasantly surprised though, the salt was definitely there and the vinegar was slightly dusted on the nuts, it wasn't really strong like on the chips I have had...  =}

The Eton Mess is a funny name but either way I really liked it.  It has mini meringues, blackcurrants, cranberries and almond slices.  The blackcurrants were sour and sweet and so good, this was the first time I have ever had blackcurrants.  The almond slices were slivers but still had the almond flavor, I know sometimes if you slice something really thin it can lose its flavor.  The mini meringues again had the freeze dried taste to them, but it doesn't bother me.  Have you ever had astronaut ice cream?  Yeah thats the flavor I'm talking about...

Authentic Korai Chutney with baked Curry Bites.  I wasn't very sure about this, curry is not my favorite spice, I really don't like it.  So with that said, I didn't like the curry bites alone, but with the chutney I did.  I really liked the chutney, it has a sweet and peppery flavor.  I went back to the site and looked up the description and it stated it is a tomato puree with a few different things in it like tamarind, carrots, garlic, salt, ginger ad a few other things.  I was very surprised I liked it but the flavor danced on my palette, it was very good.  It even tasted really good with the oregano rice crackers.  =}

And they put the little card in it that has the nutritional information about each one of the snacks...

I am very happy I was referred by Ann to this box and that I signed up for it.  So far I have had a few people use my FriendCode and I have one more left.  If you have not signed up for this box you are missing out.  I absolutely LOVE this box.

I just got another one in the mail, so it is time to gather with the family and taste all the snacks and post it too.
Bye for now Y'all  <3


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