Friday, October 11, 2013

I WON! I got picked for the LBB giveaway

Hello Y'all. LBB has a daily giveaway, as far as I can tell it's a purse and a piece of jewelry.(I've only been here a month)  So, I opened my email and I was in shock, I won something, Holy H*ll WHAT?!?!?  I won the LBB giveaway from October 8th. I couldn't believe it. This is what happened LOL.  I opened my email and saw an email saying a lucky winner was chosen so I opened it, I was drinking my Sprite at the same time, I chocked and said WHAT?!?  I turned to my fiance and said does that say I won?  He said yes that is what it says.  So I laughed at his response.  I then went through the motions of adding the purse to my bag so I could trade it for a new purse that came out on the same day.  I really liked the purse I won, I think it is really pretty and I almost kept it.  I will probably regret trading it and will want it later but I had to have a studded purse ( I will post it when I get it)  This is the bag.  Oh and a little gold midi ring also, they didn't show it in the email.

I know its a snap-shot of my email but I didn't want to lose the email so I took a pic of it ;)  

If you are interested in signing up with LBB and playing the shop and trade game, you know you are, come join us.  :) Here is my referral link, you will get 25% off your first bag and I will get credit too -   Send me an email when you sign up using my link, that way I can be on the look out for you.  Bye for now Y'all <3


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