Friday, October 25, 2013

My First BirchBox - October 2013

Hi Y'all!  So, I am trying some thing new out.  I am trying subscription boxes, I have received a couple and still waiting on or a waiting list for a few.  This is one I was on a waiting list for.  I got my first BirchBox and I am not really impressed, which is strange, others have done reviews and talked about it like it was good.  I am going to try it for a few more months, probably 2, and see if it gets any better.  

BirchBox is has 2 different boxes, a woman's box for $10.00 a month and a men's box for $20.00 a month and a wait list of about 2 weeks.  It states on the site that " you receive monthly deliveries of high-end beauty and lifestyle samples from the top brands."   They do put good samples in the box, but the samples were very small, I was thinking with the description that it would be more like deluxe size samples, That is was not the case, so I am not sure if I will keep it.  Now with that said yes I did get about $30.00 worth of samples for $10.00.  

So, here is what my first BirchBox looked like...

The shipping box is pretty cute
The actually BirchBox inside.
Kept the pink theme I like that
I will start off with the item I think is the best product in the box.  I like to try new beauty products and this cleanser looks like some thing I might really like.  It is a sample of Serious Skincare - Glycolic Gommage Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial (0.50 oz) (that was a long name LOL) Full-size 4.5 oz - $38.50

I like facial treatments as much as the rest of you ladies, this face mask is the next item I will use (Probably after the cleanser).  A sample of the Karuna - Hydrating Mask (1 mask) Full-size 4 masks - $28 

The next one is a full size container of nail polish.  The color is Pretty, not something I usually wear but I will put it to good use.  This one is made by Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquer 0.18 oz - $8

HAHA  its not straight   
So I have to be honest this is not my finger, I only use my nail polish for my toes so my fiance was kind enough to let me paint his little finger  LOL

The next one, I was umm a little puzzled about. I have never seen this type of thing, then again I am new to the sub box addiction  =} anyway back to it...

This is a foundation - Alison Raffaele Cosmetics - Reality Base Foundation- Skin-tone 3 (the size is unknown you will see in in the pictures) Full-size 1 oz - $38  (now that IS pricey!I will not out right purchase this unless it is absolutely amazing and knocks my socks off, it is NOT in my frugal realm)

See how small it is in comparison to my finger nails.
I got a BirchBox Find the card says: Occasionally we come across mass-market discoveries that are exciting, time-saving or just generally awesome. These are called BirchBox Finds.  they will be in addition to you usual samples - never in place of them.  My BirchBox Find was...    

Chap Stick Moisturizer Hydration Lock Vanilla Creme Full-size $3. this also came in full size and with a $1 off coupon for the chap stick, i think that is a good deal.  I like chap stick and this one smells good.  It came in a plastic bag to keep it all together.  Its a cute idea.  

They leave you a little card in the box as well, there is a little note on the front and then on the back it is a description of all the products, with prices, and little how and what facts of each product.  I love getting information about products I will possible use.  


So that was my very first BirchBox, I received about $30 worth of products for $10, its not too bad.  But as I said earlier, I have seen other boxes that were better then this one.  So, I think I will let it ride for about a month or 2 and then decide if I want to keep it.  We will see what happens.  Also I will do a review of all these products within the next 2 weeks after I have tested them all out.  =}

If you would like to check out BirchBox with me and follow in my little journey of their subscription, use my referral link, I get 50 BirchBox points for everyone who signs up.  After getting 100 points I can redeem for $10 off my full-size purchases.  Here is my referral link where you can sign up and learn more about BirchBox...

Leave a comment or email me and let me know you signed up so I can be on the look out.  Bye for now Y'all <3

***  These are my opinions, I paid for this product. I am not getting rewarded or paid to post this review. All the opinions written are mine and only mine***


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