Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mid October LBB Haul Part 1

Hi Y'all!   I have been playing on Little Black Bag again  I have been busy trading and trading.   I was able to score some really pretty stuff.  I was browsing through the gallery, trying to figure out what I wanted to open my bag with.  I saw a few purses I like, some jewelry, a few beauty products, a few accessories and a few pairs of shoes.  But one pair I absolutely had to have.  Now, I have said this before, I have kinda a funky style.  I am still normal like everyone else but there are times I am a little on the funky side.  LOL  =} So, these are the boots I HAD to have!

These are the Heart Soul boots I couldn't live with out (retail value $85).  They are gorgeous, true to size and so comfy.  There are a few little spots on them as you can see in the pic, The little white spots are glue.  The glue can be rubbed off really easy, so it's not a big deal.  I LOVE these boots!  So, these are the ones I opened my bag with.  Just as a reminder when you open a bag you get items added in the bag as well.  I will take a screen shot next time I open a bag.  Depending on the amount of the item you open and if there is a promo or not with you will get 1-4 items, in this bag I got 3 only because there was a promo for Halloween.
I have to admit the promo was NOT a good promo at all, I'm not sure what they were thinking with this promo.  Last month they had a great promo, the promo from last month was you open a bag with shoes and they give you a purse.  The promo this time was nail wraps.  There were a few girls who liked them but not many and there were a lot of them, due to so many people opening bags.  There were 2 different NCLA nail wraps one had spider web print on it, called  web of lies and the other was called Dracula's bride.  I ended up with the Dracula's bride wraps (retail value $16) which I am giving to my daughter to play around with.

Now on the the rest of my bag of pretties.  I don't remember both the items that were added to my bag, I will keep better track of that I promise. =}  But I can still tell you and show the goodies I got.  =}

Now on with the show...

Nila Anthony Bolted Studs Crossbody (Retail $86)  I can not tell you how beautiful this crossbody is.  I told myself I had to do everything I could to get this bag, I finally found someone trading this bag.  I used the bag I had won (Retailed at $79) to trade for this bag and let me tell you I am happy.  I got this bag, it was the 2nd thing I took out of my shipment and I was in awe of how pretty it is.  I was pleasantly surprised on how the gold studs were not bright and  not a "in your face" gold.  I am a silver person.

Raj Imports Distressed American Flag Scarf ($50).  I actually closed this bag with 2 of these scarves.  One is for my fiance and the other I am keeping.  They are very nice and the colors are very nicely saturated and bright..  They are light weight which is really nice because we do live in central Texas and we don't really get cold weather here often.  I'm sure you are thinking to yourself then why did you get them?!?  Because everyone else wanted them, I'm kidding.  These are a must have for a few reasons.  =}

My youngest
son wanted to be silly and model the scarf  - isn't it cute

Now onto the Jewelry...

Timi Heart Wings Ring in brass antique (Retail $10)  I had gotten a little bow midi ring (retailed at $16) with the bag I won and traded it for this.  This is a cute cheap little ring.  It is adjustable so anyone can wear it.  I got it because it would definitely go with my Harley clothes, it fits that style.  It is really cute and it comes in 2 colors the brass antique and silver antique.

Timi Bone Ring (retail $16) This ring is adjustable as well.  This ring only came in silver, which is a bummer because I got the matching necklace in rose gold.  I am OK with it not being silver I don't have to wear it with the matching necklace.  It is a cute little cheap ring too, but oh so cute.  I got this ring because I LOVE my doggie  =}

Timi Antique Brass Horseshoe Necklace (retail $16).  This necklace is super cute too, I got it for the days I feel like being a "Texas" girl LOL. (the days I wear my cowgirl boots)  This necklace is in 2 colors as well, the antique brass and silver. Most of the Timi items are cheap but they are too cute not to get! There are so many more I would like to get.

I know I said I am a silver girl and I very much am, Gold doesn't look good on me, I am olive kinda complected.  I had to get the next 2 pieces even though they are gold.  I love the cheetah and leopard jewelry and print. BUT only as an accent and not "gawdy".  with that said let move on...  =}

Lydell NYC Gold Leopard Wrap Ring (retail $22)  I saw this and I had to get it, I have a pair of shoes I can wear with this piece as well as the next.  I saw the ring and feel in love right away.  It is gold but not a bright yellow gold, so that is really nice.  The eyes and tail have black stones and the rest of the print is painted black, it is gorgeous!  I love the fact that its a stretch ring too, so I can wear it on any finger.

All the Rage Gold Leopard Necklace (retail $24)  It is gold too, but more like an antique type of gold.  I has the white stones all over it with black stones as the eyes.  It is gorgeous too.  I plan on wearing it with the ring and the shoes, Probably with all black or something like that.

And the last piece.  I'm sure your ready for me to move on to part 2... LOL  =}

Rain Pink Y Necklace & Earring Set (retail $26)  I got this for 2 reasons.  The studs are small and cute, I know I said I couldn't wear earrings.  My ears are gauged, this means I have had them stretched a little, but I do have 2nd holes.  So, I figured I would try the small studs and they are cute.  the 2nd reason is I wanted a necklace that was cute and feminine.  The necklace has different chains and one strand of "bling".  The pink is a nice touch.

I traded the full 7 days and the retail value of this bag was $394. I opened this bag with a $55.90 bundle with shipping.  That is a great deal, what do you think?

So, thats all my goodies for part one.  Keep a look out for part 2, it will be coming soon.  I will be posting videos as well and I will let you know what the link is.  When I drop the link you will be able to visit any time and see any of the hauls and maybe I will start recording my reviews too.   =}

If you are interested in signing up with LBB and playing the shop and trade game, you know you are, come join us.  :) Here is my referral link, you will get 25% off your first bag and I will get credit too -   Send me an email when you sign up using my link, that way I can be on the look out for you.  Bye for now Y'all <3


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