Friday, October 11, 2013

My Early October LBB Haul

Hi Y'all!  I am super excited to post my latest LBB haul. I opened this bag at the end of the month, But I got it on the 2rd of the month.  I got on to LBB and started browsing through the Gallery, and what did I see - a polka dot purse in black and white with pink - OH I HAVE to have that!  So I grabbed it and opened my bag with the purse a Milie Bianco Bag with a dust-bag.  I got a pair of earrings and a bracelet in my bundle, I didn't keep them though, I traded them.  I was able to get a perfume called Lavanila vanilla-coconut (gift for my daughter), Lavanila Passion-fruit roller ball, 2 Freestyle Adrenaline watches  ( gifts for my son and fiance) and some pink Chamaks. 

The Milie Bianco is a Faux leather, the material is soft to the touch and looks so good.  It doesn't look like the same faux leather you would find on some other bags, its good quality. I LOVE this bag. The Freestyle Adrenaline watches - one orange and one grey - they are nice. Even though the band on the watches are made of rubber it is a thick and soft to the touch rubber good quality as well and the metal face of the watch is a good weight. The Chamaks by Priya Kakkar are "bling-y"  they are very shinny and sparkly.  I honestly don't think they are good quality, the metal in the inside was thinly plated with something, not sure what to call it, the metal was also splotchy black and grey.  The beads are thin crystal-like and a few were broken when I got them in.  They are bangles so I expect them to break.  Now, don't get me wrong they are pretty and shiny, but the metal isn't great quality and will flake.  The Lavanila - I got the vanilla coconut oil and the vanilla passion fruit roller ball.  The vanilla coconut smells OK, it smells like the vanilla body spray you can get from Walgreen.  The vanilla passion fruit roller ball is so good.  It's sweet with a little spice to it, similar to the vanilla grapefruit I got on my last haul.  I am in love with the Lavanila vanilla passion fruit and vanilla grapefruit.   So this was my early October haul.  I have just closed another bag, so there will be more to come this month.  Again if you are interested in signing up with LBB and playing the shop and trade game, you know you are come join us.  :) Here is my referral link, you will get 25% off your first bag and I will get credit too -   Send me an email when you sign up using my link, that way I can be on the look out for you.  Bye for now Y'all <3


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