Sunday, October 27, 2013

Review: The Chap-Stick from the BirchBox Oct 2013

Hi Y'all!  As you know I received the Chapstick Moisturizer Hydration Lock Vanilla Creme as a full size sample ($3) in the BirchBox ($10) for October 2013.  I got it 2 days ago, and I told you I would do a review of the items I received.  I have had dry lips because the weather decided to change here, from hot to cold to warm to cool and warm to cold all in a few days.  So, I used this chap sick for 2 days and let me tell you, it WORKS!  I have use other products like the Chap Stick Cherry (it doesn't taste good), Chap Stick Medicated (taste awful), Carmex in the sick form and in the little round container (its kinda greasy), Blistex Lip Medix - Medicated (greasy too). These are just the ones I have used lately.

The Chap Stick Hydration Lock is suppose to work for 8 hours, I have only needed to use it twice a day.  It is creamy, A little more like a thicker creamy feeling.  I think that the thick and creamy is much better, it seems to stay on longer with out feeling funny or heavy.  The vanilla Creme is more like a smell then a taste, I like that.  I also got a coupon for $1 off for the next one I buy, it expires in 2 months, I will go out and buy it before the coupon expires even if I am not done with this one.

I will say I would not have gone out and bought one on my own, I have tried a few different Chap Stick products and they all seem the same, even with the different flavors they still taste the same and the feeling on my lips is all the same.  This one is different and  I really like it.  There really is not a taste at all and the vanilla smell is really light. 

So, if you are looking for something that does what it says it does.  A lip moisturizer that really does moisturize ad make you lips softer. Doesn't feel heavy, greasy or nasty.  Then you really should pick this one up and try it for yourself.  

You gotta admit, this might just be a really good product.  I only used it for 2 days and I have seen a great change in my lips.  They noticeably soft and feel soft too.  

Well, as soon as I have an opinion on the other products I will review them too.  =}

Bye for now Y'all  <3


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