Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ipsy - I'm off the waitlist and got my first one YAY! November 2013

Hi Y'all!  I signed up for Ipsy about a month ago and anxiously waited to get off the wait list, just in time.  I am SOOO happy I am now getting Ipsy! (and just in time for my birthday =})   I got my first bag this month and OMG I love it!  I am not going to ramble on in this post.  I am super excited to talk about this sub box.  Let me tell you a little about Ipsy before I begin. Ipsy is a monthly subscription, you pay 10 bucks a month for a Glam Bag (make-up bag), and deluxe or full size samples of beauty products (4-5), bags are curated by Michelle Phan (a beauty guru).  I have watched YouTube videos and have seen posts on FB of other people glam bags and I knew I had to sign up right away.  I didn't know there was a wait list, but i was only on the wait list for 1 month, that isn't bad for a product that is in high demand.    I received 5 full size items and one deluxe size item and a make-up bag for only 10 bucks, trust me this is something you want to sign up for you!  OK done talking away, on with the show  LOL  =}

This is the Glam Bag...

Its not really my color but they are different colors every month
The first item I got I was really happy to see it!  I have been wanting to try a lip crayon and I got one in my first bag, how awesome is that!?  So the one that was sent to me was the Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in the color Shameless (Retail $14)...  It glides right on and is a nice red/brown color (they call it burgundy).

Sorry the pic doesn't show the color well, looks coral but its not at all.
 The next beauty item I got was a bronzer by Pixi.  I have heard of Pixi or a bronzer for that matter but I have never tried it, as you know I am more then willing to try new things.  This is the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in the color Subtly Suntouched (retail $18).  The packaging is cute too...  =}

Another pic that didn't show the color right.  Sorry Y'all.

 The next item is a mascara by Michelle Phan.  EM Lash Galley Clean Volume Mascara (retail $20) in black.  I opened it up and looked at the color and it is a true black and the brush looks like a long lash mascara brush.

This is absolutely gorgeous.  It is the Nailtini in Champagne (retail $13) and the shiny soft rose gold color of this polish is gorgeous!
I so need better lighting!!!

The last full size beauty item I got is the is the Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst (retail $14).  This is a beautiful silver purple color, I need to figure out what I am going to wear it with.  I love purple eye make-up, so I was very happy to see this.  =}

The last item I got was a deluxe sample size but it is a full size pan.  This is an eye shadow that belongs in a palette.  It out of the Galaxy Chic pallet but BH Cosmetics, I got the color Sun.  The palette is 18 colors and is $14.95.   It is a pretty bronze/copper color, its also very shimmery. 

This is the packaging and had a magnet

So that is my Ipsy Glam Bag for November 2013, my first one.  I love this subscription, I got a make-up bag, 5 full size beauty items and one "deluxe" size beauty item. I got 79 bucks worth of make-up not including the bag and the eye shadow for 10 bucks.  

The other perks are with each item you can go into your Glam room, review each of the items and you will also get a code for a % off of any item(S) you go the their website and buy.  When you leave a review for the items you get points too, you rack up points to get free stuff too.  I have to say I LOVE IPSY!  I know I said this but I have to say it again I am SOOO glad I signed up for it!  =}

You want to sign up for Ipsy don't you!?!?!?  You know you do, use this link and I will get points and you will get the Ipsy subscription 

Bye for now Y'all  <3

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Shout out to some wonderful ladies... with Jewelry!

Hi Y'all!  

I have been doing alot of FaceBook-ing lately and I found this page R & S Jewelry, Trinkets and Things by ladies named Rebecca and Stacy.  It is a private group page, but if you ask to join they will more then likely accept you in.  When they go out and shop, they find some beautiful jewelry pieces(From pendants to rings).  They hand pick the items they want to feature on their page.  I have noticed that a lot of the items are absolutely gorgeous  I have already purchased a few pieces from them and I have won a few nights of bingo and got discounts on a few other pieces I will be receiving soon.

Now to tell you about the Bingo.

They do a Bingo game every night of the week till Thanksgiving, then after that they will resume the bingo games to twice a week.  They will post a thread letting you know to post your numbers, you post 5 numbers between 1 - 75.  Then you come back at 7:30 central time and you watch as they call all the numbers, once they call all of your numbers you will post your numbers and BINGO!.  If you get first place (which I have yet to do =}) you will receive a mystery gift as well as 25% off of one items on the page, 2nd place will receive 20% off of one jewelry item and 3rd place will get 15% off of one jewelry item.  Most of the pieces on the site are less them 30 bucks.  That is SO awesome!  The pieces they have are absolutely gorgeous.  They have so many pieces I want to get, but I have to pace myself or I will go broke.

The ring shoe is a gift from JustFab
Now this is my first post as a shout out, but I had to do it.  I am so happy with the ladies.  They have worked with me on so many occasions.  I have had private messages with them, they have taken pictures of the items I have asked about to give me a closer look, they are very personable with everyone they talk to.  The "customer service" I have received is far better then any I have ever come across.   I say "customer service" because it feels more like we are friends and less like we are customers.

OK I'm done rambling.  I just wanted to do a shout out to Rebecca and Stacy at , for the great jewelry items and for being just awesome!  Come on into the site and let them know I sent you.  OH BTW,  I am not gaining anything from this shout out.  I also asked Rebecca if it was OK to do this shout out, I just wanted to give them credit for the gorgeous pieces I wear and to possible get the word out about these ladies.  =}  <3

Here is a close up of both rings...

The stones are gorgeous and clear.  I love the pink and purple mix on the left one.  The right one is all pink, a round stone with a few baguettes on either side(I LOVE baguettes!).  They have so many other different types of stones, gems and styles.  I just wanted pink.  I will show the others when I get them.  So, come check them out, play some BINGO and have a good time!!!

Bye for now Y'all  <3

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My first Beauty Bar Box! YAY!

Hi Y'all!  So, I have started getting the Beauty Bar/Sample Society subscription box from Allure.  This is my first box from them and I am happy with it.  This sub box is $15 a month and I think it was worth it.  I get deluxe sample sizes and that is a good thing, I like to be able to try a product more then once to see if I really like it or not.  So, I know you came here to see the box, not listen to me ramble, LOL  so here we go...

This is the box...

The fist item is the Borghese Splendore Highlighting make-up - Full size $29.50 for 1 Fl oz.  Now to my surprise this is a full size item, but it is not in the bottle you can purchase it in (that is fine with me)  I swatched it on my hand and its shimmery, and I like the look and feel of it.  It can be added to your foundation or put over the top of it. I will be adding it to mine and see how I like it.  I can't wait to try it!  =}

The next is the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultra Moisture - Full size $65 for 1.7 fl oz.  I got a sample size of .25 fl oz and it is a little small their quarter the size of the full size, but with most moisturizers a little goes a long way, so I think this is a good size for a sample size.  I usually spend around $20 bottle for my age appropriate moisture cream so this would not be in my frugal diva realm, but I am more then willing to try it, I mean it came in the sub box so why not right?!?  LOL     

This is a candle, I LOVE candles.  This one is the Illume Balsam and Cedar Metallic Tin Candle - Full size $23.50.   The full size states on the site it will burn up to 35 hours and the one I got states it will burn up to 10 hours, that is the only way I have to tell you the possible size.  The metal tin is really cute and the candle smells like Christmas.  The cedar and eucalyptus really comes out it in, even when you burn it.  It is definitely a holiday candle and I will burn it more closer to Christmas.  =}

The lip balm is Jane Iredale Lip Drink Lip Balm - Full size $12.  The one I got is also a sample size, but is a good sample size.  It has a silky feel on the lips, its not heavy and taste is a citrus flavor.  I have to sat though, it smells like a Citronilla candle, I hate describing it that way but the citrus smell is what it reminds me of.  It is a good product, I really like it, I started using it as soon as I got it. =}

The last thing I got was a perfume.  I am kinda funny about perfume, I have said it before I like a fruity musk scent like the La Vanila or like the Love Rocks by VS.  

the perfume is Annick Goutal Eau D'Hadrein Eau De Toilette - Full size $92 for 1.7 fl oz.  WOW...    The site states it has Sicilian Lemon, Citron and Grapefruit, You know what I can't pronounce it and it's WAY too expensive for me and my frugal-ness, but I really like it.  It's a little softer then what I normally wear, but it smells really good.  

And they put the information card in with a pamphlet... 

So I have to say I do like this sub box.  I will continue to subscribe to it and I think this is a good one to get.  All of the samples are a good size and are definitely focused on what we like.  If you are looking in to trying a this one out use my referral code.  DEHX2092    at

Bye for now Y'all  <3

BirchBox for November 2013

So, I got the BirchBox for November 2013 and I am still not impressed with the subscription.  I said I would give it a few months and I have received 2 months already.  I have now cancelled this subscription and I am looking into another one.  But here is the November BirchBox.  

Here is the box and the inside...

BeeKind Body Lotion is the first thing I pulled out of the blue envelope.  I opened it and turned the to pour some in my hand and I got way too much due to it is very thin.  The full size is 8oz at $15, I received a sample size of 30 ml.  It states on the bottle "The honey bee population is in crisis.  A portion of the proceeds of this product supports honey bee and sustainable pollination research".  I have to say I like when a company is supporting a good cause.

The other item in the blue envelope is the Wei Pomegranate Buffing Beads - full size 20 0.5 packets at $20.  I received 2 packets.  the directions say for me to mix these beads in with a quarter size amount of my cleanser, then use on my face.  I have never seen this type of item before so this will be interesting.  I will be sure to write a review on this item.  

The next item I got was the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil - Full size $18.  I received a full size of this one. I have not used a highlighter before, I am just getting into using all the make-up items, form highlighters to bronzers, so this will definitely get used.  =}

The Perfume that was in this box is Joie Folle De Joie Eau De Parfum - Full size $98. I got a sample size of 0.6 fl oz.  I am not really sure yet what I think.  I like Fruity Musky smells, Like the Lavanila that I have shown in my LBB hauls.  This is a light umm  I want to say floral scent.  I think I will have to wear it at least once then make my mind up.  I know perfumes will smell different on everyone depending on your own body oils.  So we will see...

It has a stray top instead of a pop top, I like that
 There is a purple small container in the box as well...

It is a Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask - Full size $42 for 8 containers and a brush.  I got one container of 8ml, I will try this as well.  As I always say I love to try new products and I love beauty products, so I will be trying this.  I have never had a mud mask, I'm sure I will look funny to my boys and my fiance, but ladies do we care as long as we look good.  LOL  =}

The added item to my BirchBox this month is a "Lifestyle Extra"  They added:

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches - Full Size $9.95 for 15 pouches.  I received 3 different flavor pouches.  Organic African Nectar, Vanilla Bean and Green Tea Tropical.  I like flavored treas, so I am sure I will enjoy theses.  

And they also slide there card with the information on it...

I have enjoyed the items I have received, but I still wasn't impressed with BirchBox.  So, I have cancelled the subscription and I am looking to open a different one in it's place.

Now on to the next one...

Bye for now Y'all  <3

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Graze Box - end of October

Hi Y'all!  So, as you know I get Graze box every 2 weeks, instead of once a month (for now).  This is my end of the month Graze box, October 2013.  I really do enjoy this box, I love food and trying new things. I have to thank someone for using my FriendCode, this dropped my box from $6 to $5, so thank you Jeny M.
Alright so lets get to the box now.

This is the box.  I love the fact that the box and all its contents are recyclable.

This is the first thing I opened and tried.  Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack - rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon.  They remind me of a soft nutra-grain bar.  I have to say they are really good. There were only 3 of them, that was the let down, because I really liked them =}

The next was the Jalapeno Fiesta - it is Jalapeno peanuts, salsa almonds and roasted seeds.  The seeds are sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  I was a little surprised that I loved these and I will mark these as loved so I can get them more often.

This one is the Key Lime Pie - Lime raisins, mini meringue, sponge pieces and green raisins.  I did like this one too.  The sponge pieces and the meringue bites tasted like they were freeze dried.  So if you don't like that taste then this probably will taste funny to you.  

And then the Mississippi BBQ Pistachios - Smoked BBQ pistachios.  These are dusted generously with a BBQ seasoning. At first is had a kick to it with a BBQ taste.  I am a lover of pistachios so all I can say is Awesome!  I do hope I can get these again.  

And as always they put in a nutrition card. 

Hey you know you want to try this box.  It is $6 a box and you can get them every 2 weeks as I do or you can get them once a month.  You have the option to get the NibbleBox like I do or you can get the LightBox which you get all snacks that are low in calories.  

When you sign up use my friend code and you can get your 1st and 5th box for free as well as I can get a buck off my box.  Use DAWNH2FTP at

Bye for now Y'all  <3

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm a BombShell

Hi Y'all!  I'm back with another subscription box review.  This is one Julep I am a Julep Maven and I have been for about 8 months now.  I LOVE my Julep, I love the nail polish and the beauty products I get from them.  I am going to tell you about this months Maven box and a little about my other boxes that I got.

So, lets talk about becoming a Julep Maven.  I pay $19.99 a month for 2 gorgeous nail polishes and a beauty product, they also throw in little things here and there.  I had to take a quiz to see what profile I would be, at first I was an "It Girl" and I was sent 3 nail polishes and any little goodies they put in the box, I retook the quiz and I am now a Bombshell.  The profiles are a little different.  The "It Girl"  will receive 3 nail polishes, the "Bombshell", "Boho Glam", and the "Classic With A Twist" will receive 2 polishes and a beauty product and the "Modern Beauty" will receive 2 beauty products.  I know spending 20 bucks on a few nail polish may not seem like a move that a Frugal Diva would make but if you go to places like Sephora you will spend $14.00 on each one.  And the beauty product your looking at a good 20 - 40 bucks a pop, so I think it in still in my realm of being frugal.  =} I will post the price of each product when I do the reviews.

Now lets take a took at this months Julep Maven box...  =}

This is how the box looks pretty much all the time, I have to hand it to Julep though, they are excellent at packaging.

This is my beauty product for this month it is a lip gloss. The color is Posh, it is a lip gloss so it has a sheer kind of look to it with a plum color.  I wasn't sure if I would like it but I tried it on and its pretty.  

These are my gorgeous polishes, man I love how pigmented the polish is

Here are the nail polishes I have collected over the last few months as a Julep Maven.

When your a Julep Maven you collect points.  I have collected enough to put towards a "Modern Beauty" intro box.  It has 2 beauty products in it.  When I receive it I will so another show and tell.  =}

I have to say I LOVE my Julep boxes!  I highly recommend this subscription!

This is my referral link.  Sign up and get the perks of being a Julep Maven...

Bye for now y'all  <3