Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Shout out to some wonderful ladies... with Jewelry!

Hi Y'all!  

I have been doing alot of FaceBook-ing lately and I found this page R & S Jewelry, Trinkets and Things by ladies named Rebecca and Stacy.  It is a private group page, but if you ask to join they will more then likely accept you in.  When they go out and shop, they find some beautiful jewelry pieces(From pendants to rings).  They hand pick the items they want to feature on their page.  I have noticed that a lot of the items are absolutely gorgeous  I have already purchased a few pieces from them and I have won a few nights of bingo and got discounts on a few other pieces I will be receiving soon.

Now to tell you about the Bingo.

They do a Bingo game every night of the week till Thanksgiving, then after that they will resume the bingo games to twice a week.  They will post a thread letting you know to post your numbers, you post 5 numbers between 1 - 75.  Then you come back at 7:30 central time and you watch as they call all the numbers, once they call all of your numbers you will post your numbers and BINGO!.  If you get first place (which I have yet to do =}) you will receive a mystery gift as well as 25% off of one items on the page, 2nd place will receive 20% off of one jewelry item and 3rd place will get 15% off of one jewelry item.  Most of the pieces on the site are less them 30 bucks.  That is SO awesome!  The pieces they have are absolutely gorgeous.  They have so many pieces I want to get, but I have to pace myself or I will go broke.

The ring shoe is a gift from JustFab
Now this is my first post as a shout out, but I had to do it.  I am so happy with the ladies.  They have worked with me on so many occasions.  I have had private messages with them, they have taken pictures of the items I have asked about to give me a closer look, they are very personable with everyone they talk to.  The "customer service" I have received is far better then any I have ever come across.   I say "customer service" because it feels more like we are friends and less like we are customers.

OK I'm done rambling.  I just wanted to do a shout out to Rebecca and Stacy at , for the great jewelry items and for being just awesome!  Come on into the site and let them know I sent you.  OH BTW,  I am not gaining anything from this shout out.  I also asked Rebecca if it was OK to do this shout out, I just wanted to give them credit for the gorgeous pieces I wear and to possible get the word out about these ladies.  =}  <3

Here is a close up of both rings...

The stones are gorgeous and clear.  I love the pink and purple mix on the left one.  The right one is all pink, a round stone with a few baguettes on either side(I LOVE baguettes!).  They have so many other different types of stones, gems and styles.  I just wanted pink.  I will show the others when I get them.  So, come check them out, play some BINGO and have a good time!!!

Bye for now Y'all  <3


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