Friday, October 18, 2013

Are all the facial products necessary?!?!

Hi Y'all!   When I was a kid I always wondered why my mother had so much stuff under the bathroom sink and in the drawers.  Well, now I know.  You have all kinds of cleansers and scrubbing creams/gels.  The we have lotions and ointments.  We also have specific ones, acne, anti-aging, anti- wrinkle, dark spot remover and many more.  Man ladies we go through a lot just to try and keep our face clean and clear then on top of that we do try to keep your face looking young and fresh too. Admit it, its a pain in the rear and it can be expensive.  So, I have or do use a lot of products just like many of you.  I use the products for more "mature" skin.  I have found some of these products do as they say and some do something else or nothing at all.  I do purchase most of these items at the drugstore and a couple from a friend of mine.  Here is my collection of beauty products  =}

The Morning Burst cleanser is definitely a go to.  I went on a trip with my son and his school to an Air Force Base and my travel bottle of face cleanser busted in my little bathroom bag.  So, one of his friends had left this in the bathroom, I borrowed some =} and I loved it.  I went out and bought it and I use it quite often.  The citrus smell is great, the clean feeling of my face afterwards is very nice and the best thing of all it's not that expensive.  It usually runs about $6.00 for an 8 fluid once bottle. The bottle reads oil-free, with bursting beads, wakes you up, rinses clean with vitamin C and ginseng.  This does what is says and what its suppose to do.  I love this 

The next go to for me are the Mary Kay oil free eye make-up remover (the pink bottle)  Now this is a little more expensive, I bought it from a friend of mine to help her out with her quota.  The price on this one is $15.00 for a 3.75 fluid once bottle but I have had mine for a year and I've only used 1/4 of the bottle.  I know the bottle says it is oil free, but it feels like baby oil.  I put very little on a cotton pad disk (after it soaks in, its the size of a quarter) and then I take my make-up off.  You don't have to press very hard either, just glide the pad across your upper lid then your lower lid.  It comes off very easily and does remove all your make-up.  I do love how my mascara comes all the way off and my eyes feel soft after the make-up remover dries. 

The Regenerist line by Olay is very expensive most of the products run $20.00 or better but I have to say I really like how they moisturize and help keep my face looking smoother and I think younger.  I have more mature and dry skin.  My face was really dry before I started using this line.  The night cream is absolutely awesome.  That was the first thing I used and the dryness of my face looked so much better.  Most of the products for more mature skin is expensive and I have tried a few different lines.  But this is the best one by far.  If you are going to spend $20.00 or more on any products I would say this is the one to try.  Bye for now Y'all  <3

*** Disclaimer ***  I bought all these products and have used them for a certain period of time before writing about them.  I am not getting paid nor am I going to be paid for my reviews and my opinions.


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