Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mid October LBB Haul part 2

Hi Y'all!   So I am back for the mid October LBB haul.  This is part 2 because I had made 2 different videos.  When we do the videos they an last a long time.  I like to edit mine down, taking the distractions out and any long winded stories.  LOL  So in this shipment I was able to score 4 bags and a few pieces of jewelry.  I actually opened this bag with a smaller item and used a few credits, that is how I ended up with 4 purses.  So, lets get on with the show...

I will do the jewelry first.  I got 3 pieces.

Nakamol Silver/White Multi Beaded Ring (Retail $20)  I have had this ring in my bag a few times and always traded it.  I had said something about it in the little chat window and I was told it is pretty.  I decided to keep it and ship it, then see what I think.  It's actually pretty I have one in my open bag right now in a different color.  The band is an adjustable brown leather band (i think it has a strong wire in it), copper wires to hold the beads on and different color beads.  The beads are white, dark grey with a silver shimmer and a few clear.  I think it goes well with my brown boots and a brown shirt would do great too.

Robert Rosa Rose Drop Earrings Black/Hematite (retail $16)  I got 2 sets, one for my daughter and one for me.  They will match anything, my daughter is a goth and I am pretty much what ever I feel that day.  LOL These earrings are not really big and they are light.  I think they are really cute and I think the fact that my daughter and I have a matching pair is cute too.  =}

Alright now on to the best part.  The purses... OH how I LOVE purses.  I'm sure you have noticed that and if not get ready because I think pretty much all my Little Black Bags have purses in them.   =}                   

The first one is the one I opened my bag with and kept it...  =}

Danielle Nicole Diane Crossbody in black (retail $58)  I saw this bag and knew it was the best crossbody for me.  I was the right size and style.  I love the chain strap and yet it has the leather at the top of the strap to make it more comfortable to carry as a crossbody.  I got it and unwrapped it and i smiled from ear to ear. I fell in love. I then started wearing it the next day.  

The picture does not do it justice!
Milie Bianco Eyeglass Wrist-let (retail $14)  I love this little thing.  It's just so cute, the green isn't so much my color, but I love it anyway.  The eyeglasses are in a dark grey and they are glossy and the green is more of a matte color, and it definitely stands out in my DN crossbody.  I have another one coming soon, but a different style.  I saw that the site had 3 different ones ad I think they are a cute piece to keep little things organized in your big purses.  The fact that they are Milie Bianco, well you can't go wrong.

Pink Cosmo All Over Stars Hobo (retail $82)  This bag comes in black and brown.  Pink Cosmo is a very good brand, the liner is hearts and the leather is very nice on it too.  I took it on a trade for a few smaller items hoping I could trade it for the brown one.  That was hard to do, the brown one was more popular and everyone wanted to keep it.  Even though I didn't get the brown one, I still think the black one it cute.  Its a nice size and will come in handy.

Olivia and Joy Dynamo Double Handle Satchel in Jade (retail $92)  This bag is absolutely gorgeous!  The hardware on it is a great style, the liner of all Olivia and Joy bags is great and this bag does come in all different colors.  I love this bag also, I know not everyone will lie the green but It is a gorgeous bag and I am looking forward to showing it off.  

This bag isn't structured and this picture does not do it justice!

So now you have seen all my pretties from my Little Black Bag.  Stay tuned for more... =}

I opened this bag with a 25.40 bundle with shipping, (I had some credits) and I traded the full 7 days. My retail value of this bag was $289, another great trip to the LBB site...

If you are interested in signing up with LBB and playing the shop and trade game, you know you are, come join us.  :) Here is my referral link, you will get 25% off your first bag and I will get credit too -   Send me an email when you sign up using my link, that way I can be on the look out for you.  Bye for now Y'all <3

Let me know if there is anything you want to know more about!  Feedback is welcome!  


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