Saturday, December 14, 2013

JewelMint Cyber Monday Mystery Box

Hi Y'all!  I was kind of a bad girl on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I took advantage of a few of the deals.  I will start of with this one.  It is the JewelMint 5 Piece Mystery Box, it's a $50 box that has 5 pieces of jewelry in it that they randomly currate, But for Cyber Monday the box came out to $24.99.  Most of the pieces are $29.99 a piece, though they do have deals from time to time.  I was excited to try out the mystery box, I already purchased a piece of jewelry from JewelMint and got a free piece too. (I will show it at the end of this post)  Every box was suppose to have 5 pieces in it and there was a chance that you might have gotten up to 20 pieces, that would have been cool to be one of the ones who got a bunch but I am pretty happy with the 5 I did get.  Alright lets get to it...  =} 

"Not 2...not 3... but 5 JewelMint pieces are guaranteed in this Brand New 5-Piece Mystery Box. Some boxes could even have up to 20 pieces ($1,000 Value)"

In the box
Removed the top
It was a little bit of a mess under the red tissue paper.  The necklace was the only thing that was secured in the box.

The necklace is pretty, its silver with a cool color scheme.  I don't have a piece like this and I have already figured out what outfit I will wear it with...

The gold bracelet looks like 2 magnets connected by a little jeweled gold bar.  It is cute, but I don't wear gold.  I think I will be giving this as a gift...

This next piece is really cute I love the hammered look it kinda looks more on the vintage side to me with the brassy old gold look... 

The next 2 pieces I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

This one is a gold cuff with a faux leather snake print.  I am not a huge fan of gold, as I don't wear it, but I will be wearing this one.  I love the large cuff and the snake print goes along with my rocker side...

This little wrap cuff is gorgeous!  The rose gold with little roses on the end is so pretty.  I absolutely love this piece, I put it on as soon as I got it and I didn't want to take it off, not even for the pictures LOL.  The little roses have cute little pink gems in them. It is a little more on the dainty side, but I love it...  =}

So, I got 1 necklace and 4 bracelets and I'm pretty happy with that.  I have gauged ears so I'm really glad they didn't send any earrings.  I am pretty open to a lot of different styles of jewelry but I do prefer a rocker, a vintage, or a dainty cute look. I don't think the gold bracelet with the magnets is a high quality as the rest of the jewelry, so that is the one thing I am not really happy with.  I did this not knowing what to expect, it is a mystery box after all.  All in all, I would probably order another one down the road if they have a great deal like this one.

This is one of the deals I had gotten before getting this box.  My first piece for 8 was the deal.  I picked out a really cute and dainty rose gold heart and chain.  I was also offered a free item, they had watches, a few wallets and a few key chains. I decided on a bright pink watch...

So, there is my Jewelry haul from JewelMint from Black Friday.  If you would like to sign up or take advantage of any of their deals, which they seems to have a lot, then check them out  and take their quiz.  I took their quiz and I'm the Rebel.  I think it's fun to take the quizzes for the subscription boxes.

Your edgy, thrown-together looks are envied by women everywhere. Willing to play with versatile accessories, you often choose items that are beautiful but also push the boundaries. You are The Rebel because your style is ultimately defiant."

I have more Black Friday and Cyber Monday hauls to post to do...  I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and seeing all the cool stuff I get that you can get too. Please leave me comments at any time, they are always welcomed.  =}

Bye for now Y'all  <3


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