Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Julep December 2013 Modern Beauty

Hi Y'all!  I got my Julep Maven box today and I am super excited to use it too!  So, as you have read in my other Julep Maven posts, I am a "Bombshell, well this month I change my profile to "Modern Beauty".  I wanted to try the neutral eye shadow pallet that they had coming this months box.  I will probably change back to my regular profile next month depending on what they have.  So, a little something about Julep and being a Maven for those of you who are new to my blog.  Julep is a monthly subscription of 20 bucks, depending on your profile you will get beauty items or nail polish or both.  They will send you an email at the end of the month letting you know that you can go into your account and either change your profile or add things to your shipment.  You can also skip a month if you would like to, it is up to you.  I LOVE Julep and all the products I get from them. All the nail polishes have great pigmentation to them, gorgeous colors and they last a long time.  I know you might be thinking 20 bucks for a month subscription doesn't sound like it would be in my frugal realm, but really it is.  Each of the polishes themselves are 15 bucks and I usually get 2 of them.  This month I didn't get any polish, I chose only make-up items.  Alright enough blabbing, I can do more at the end.  On with it Diva!  

The boxes are always packaged so well and so cute...

I am excited to use this months items!

This Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer ( Retail $22)  I use a different eye primer but I will be trying this one.  It is an anti-aging primer and says it will mask the shine and extend the the look of your eyes.  Well, anything that says it's anti-aging and will help me with any fine lines and wrinkles around my eye WILL be used by me.  LOL  =}

Sweep Eyeshadow Palette - Neutrals (Retail $24) This is the reason I switched from "Bombshell" to "Modern Beauty"  I need a neutral palette and the colors are gorgeous.  This is also why I am super excited to use this months box...  =}

OH BOY!!!  This really shows my age lol
I went ahead and swatched the palette on my hand as well as the primer.  The bottom is the primer, the palette was swatched with and without the primer. The bottom where the colors are a little darker is where the primer was half way blended and the top was with out.  I am afraid using the primer on my hand really made the fine lines in my hand stand out more, so we will see how it does on my face.  The colors are gorgeous!  I will be using them tomorrow, I am going shopping! =}

A card to tell you about the collection and colors
The bonus item is hair ties.  The Twistbands are suppose to help with damage and keep from making that kink/mark in your hair that you always get from ponytail holders when you put your hair up.  I have a different brand and they do the job, so we will see if these do too...  

The one thing I had to add on to this box was the Julep Eyeshadow Brush (Retail $18) It is very soft and made of synthetic bristles. It's also kind of heavy, I have a handful of make up brushes and this one is definitely as heavy as a powder brush, nothing like my other eyeshadow brushes...  

And the info cards along with a little quote, as always.  I love getting the quotes, they can make you smile and some are just great quotes.  They choose quotes that match then theme of the month. (this months nail polish was glittery) 

So, as you can tell I chose not to do nail polish this month, even though I love their polish.  Now, after seeing this I know you want to sign up for it.  =}  

Use this link
and if you use FREEBOX you will get the first box for the shipping price only, $3.99 that is AWESOME! So, try it out and you will see that it is not only a great deal but they have great polish as well.  

Alright time for me to head to bed, I wanted to tell you about my Julep Maven box before I did. Night all!

Bye for now Y'all  <3


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